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It took years to master the manuscript into something readable, and I hope entertaining. All the files are in for review. That is, their computer checks my files to see if they can find anything that might cause the publishing process to fail. Ugh! It takes twenty-four hours. M

The story continues. Two proofs arrived each about two weeks apart and both failures. I contacted the publishing company, and they requested proof. Imagine taking pictures of an open book to show what was wrong with only two hands and one phone camera. Finally with great talent on my part I sent the required proof. It will take 48 to 56 hours to review these files. After that, I have to start over with new files and review those. So hang in there, it looks like the middle of May 2016 before I can say it is ready to read. M

It’s Tuesday May 3, 2016.

Createspace is sending my new proof for no charge, and it will arrive Friday the 6th. Hope this one is a go, and I can tell them run the sucker!

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