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May 29/2016

My novel FOR ELEVEN MILLION REASONS is on for sale now.


I ordered my first ten books and what a rush picking that box up and opening it to lift from its interior my creation. The next step was to sign and deliver or mail copies to those people who have stepped up to help me with their wisdom, their understanding their love. UPS is carrying some of those books, and I hand delivered others.

It is fun reviewing their responses to my novel.


‘On chapter eight, can’t put it down.’  another response, ‘I love your descriptions, I’ve done some of the things you describe.’  And this one, ‘Can’t chat with you now got to go read.’


It makes it so easy for me to go to the computer and put another 2000 words to file in the next book in the Franklin Logs series, SIDESWIPED. I hope I’ve got you hooked. Oh, and thanks for reading my work. M



May 24/ 2016

This has been an exciting day. My group that meets at my home each Tuesday and I started out on a field trip to Sonora. Car trouble kept us from making that trip. Surprisingly we ended up in Walnut Grove and at a monastery discovering the life-sized forms of the Stations of the Cross. Being set among redwood trees the alabaster statues sharply contrasted with the dark green of the trees. After spending some contemplative time there, we moved on the lunch. I had the time-tested cheeseburger with fries while others chose prime rib, pasta, and Portuguese beans. Wine both red and white made the rounds and finally small ice cream cones from Snow White’s on Turner RD. When I got home, I had a message. Someone bought my novel and liked it wanting the next in the series. Guess I’d better get off this site and finish writing SIDESWIPED.

They liked my novel! Woo hoo! Let there be dancing.

May 7/ 2016

I am learning that my word program can do strange things to my text files. In my proof copy of my novel, FOR ELEVEN MILLION REASONS some of the italics are turned backward. I don’t understand why or how that happened. You’ve got to know I’m going to be watching for it when I type. Speaking about typing. It was strongly suggested to me that my next in the series novel be out in three months. I did the math; I have to write 2000 words five days a week for five weeks to finish the bones of the second story in the series. Its title is SIDESWIPED, and I have nineteen chapters roughed out. My nose is to the stone on this one. Had a glass of wine at dinner tonight. My daughter, Amanda, and Zak took me out for a Mother’s day evening. They were surprised when they saw me order a glass of Cabernet. I told them I’d decided to become an alcoholic yesterday, and this was my first drink as I needed to get started.


May 2/2016

This Author thing is something else. I thought publishing my work was backyard business. That is, only real publisher houses were big business. Oh, how wrong I was in thinking that. I checked out the ‘how to pages’ on Google and found a whale of a lot of information concerning being your own publisher. I think by reading through the information that I’m going to need a 36 hour day–at least!


First Blog

It has been interesting moving toward this day. I am learning fast all things computer. By that I mean I am very challenged by what to click, or better still, what not to click. And how to find the right place to manage the right response. It will take just twenty minutes to get up and running the tutorial said. Yeah, in a perfect world, not mine.

We are up and running, thanks to long-suffering friends who come to my rescue with their talent and knowledge. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and hold them as friends in the deep folds of my feelings. Hugs.

Welcome readers, I hope this is the first of many times we can come together for a laugh or smile. Life is quite interesting! M

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