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Please don’t eat the pansies, not the pansies!

My head pounded, the rain staining the old redwood fenced contrasted the early spring push of the garden plants. I’d come into the family room/kitchen area for a cup of tea and a bit of time away from the computer. Lacey, my six-month-old, cuter than, well you know what I mean. She’s a poodle, terrier mix with strong tendencies toward Cairn Terrier heritage. Smart, she is so on top of things, cleaning out my purse more often than I do, finding my Kleenex’s tucked away in dark places, in my pocket. Now my pansies. She’ll eat anything.

Today I decided, since my first novel FOR ELEVEN MILLION REASONS is about to be born and available on, that I needed a blog page and a web page to find my readers and build my fan base. The instructions said, for beginners. I am a beginner. Not even knowing what a domain name was. That the instructions were easy to follow and that I could be up and running in twenty minutes. Well, it’s the next morning, things went terribly wrong yesterday, and I went to bed knowing that everything would turn out in the end and that it simply was operator failure. I’m the operator!

Tea in hand, head pounding and Lacey eating my pansies It’s twenty-four hours later I still need a blog page and a web page and a fan base. I’ve taken my tea to the computer, called the host support system and now my phone, on speaker, tells me that they are experiencing higher than normal call volume and that they are sorry for my inconvenience. The strong beat of the music goes on, my inconvenience goes on as my laundry calls, my bathroom screams clean me, and here I sit. This is important, right? Right. The pounding in my head a constant reminder that this is a pain in the _________.

Finally resolved and I can post, it wasn’t so bad after all, but there’s the remains of a blue pansy on my porch by the door.

Let me say, it’s nice to meet you here on my page and I hope you stick around. Soon I will post the first chapter of my novel and I’ll tell you all about me. I’ll ask you to leave your e address so that I can tell you of upcoming events for my blog and writing career.

Thanks for stopping by, M

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